Exfoliation explanation

Just a quick post about exfoliation in soaps, I’ll be posting another soon about how important exfoliation is.

As with so much in life, a little can go a long way!  Not only that, but the type of material that you use can have a big impact on how the soap feels when being used.

My favourite so far has to be ground Poppy Seeds.

For my skin, they’re just the right mix of being scrubby without actually causing pain.  For The Efficacious Gentleman brand soaps, there isn’t much out there that I have found to tempt me away.

However, for The Admirable Lady I am still looking for something a little bit softer.  Ground oats are an option that seems to be working well and there is the added benefit of oats on the skin.

When it comes to giving your skin a boost, what do you turn to for exfoliation?

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