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So, I am rather late with starting this blog.

It was supposed to be a place to capture the journey through the world of soaping, but to be honest I was rather too busy researching and making soap.  At this particular stage I have made 3 different types of soap, a pre-shave oil, Bay Rum cologne and a moisturising bar (under the brand of The Admirable Lady) but we’ll look at these in more detail in the coming posts.

Whilst that may not sound like much, there is a certain complication on top of the many complications that arise from soaping in general – living in a foreign country means that I must not only understand soaping terms and products, but must translate this in to German and then the equivalent products must be tracked down and purchased.  Adds a certain sharp angle to the learning curve.

Two forums have been especially helpful in all this – Soap Making Forum and Seifentreff.  These, as well as innumerable Google searches, have started me down the road of soaping.

I think here is as good a point as any to explain why I am doing all this.  For one thing, it is not so easy to purchase good products made and marketed for gentlemen these days, at least not so much here.  It may be that there are wonderful products in all the shops, but then one must go through the trials and tribulations of sorted the wheat from the chaff.  Coupled with a lack of other hobby, soaping soon took root and quickly spread like wild mint through a country garden.

I look forward to sharing this with you – this process of learning and creating.  Taking ideas and forming products that people love to use.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy this, too.

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  1. If you need help sourcing soapmaking supplies in Vienna I can help you with that, just send me an email to the address I signed up here with 🙂

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