Ninth Soap – Pine Tar # 2

For my ninth soap I decided to revist one of my first soaps again.  It is something I think is worthwhile as I would rather have made a few recipes that I am happy with rather than a lot of recipes that I don’t feel are really quite there yet. Continue reading

Eighth Soap – Goats Milk, Oats and Honey

This batch of soap was planned from the beginning with The Admirable Lady in mind.  That might seem a little sexist, of course, but there is something about it that I feel is just very lady-like – I think it could be the associations of bathing in milk and Cleopatra, or the inclusion of honey which lends it a more softer, feminine appeal. Continue reading

Seventh Soap – General Purpose Soap # 2

My very first soap was one that I had hoped would be a soap that could be used for the face, body and hands for people with normal skin – hence the name “General Purpose Soap”.  It will come as no surprise that while the idea was sound, the recipe itself was not!  Making soap is fairly easy.  Making a soap that does exactly what we are looking for is much harder to do.  The General Purpose Soap # 1 was perfectly usable – in fact it was very popular – but I thought that I could do better and wanted to come back and revisit it.

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Sixth Soap – Pumpkin Seed Oil # 1

In Austria, a lot of people use Pumpkin Seed oil on their salads or in other ways when cooking. It has a rich, nutty flavour and the colour is a deep green. As is the case since I started soap making, I now look at all oils and wonder if it can be used in a soap! I was pleased to see that it is one of the options in the online soap calculator that I used ( and so I set about coming up with a recipe using Pumpkin See oil, but still have a useable soap.
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Fifth Soap – Salt Bar # 1

This was a type of soap that I was particularly looking forward to making.  I had read a lot of good things about Salt Bars before, looked in to what made them so special and was eager to try it out for myself.

An average soap will not lather in salt water – the salt saturates the water and inhibits the way that the bubbles are formed.   With that in mind, it seems strange to add salt to a soap.

Salt bars counter this issue by Continue reading

Fourth Soap – Lard # 1

Almost there, catching up on things that I have already made.  The trouble is, I’m still making things as I write the blog so the finish line keeps on getting further and further away!  But seeing as talking or writing about soap is very high on my list of pastimes, this is certainly no bad thing.

This soap was a collection of new things for me.  As it was my fourth soap, that is not hard to imagine.  But it was the first time using lard, the first time using oats and the first time using Hot Process.  I will post about the different process (hot and cold) at a later point, but as a wee introduction it means that I heated the soap batter in a slow cooker until it was completely soap and then I put in the essential oils and moulded it all up.  In Cold Process, the soap batter becomes soap in the mould and requires more time.

In the olden days, before vegetable based oils were widely available and affordable, people made soap with animal fats.  Lard is from pig fat while Tallow comes Continue reading

Third Soap – Castile # 1

The third soap that I made (on the 6th January 2014) is a Castile soap, another one that has a particular purpose – it is a soap made with only one oil, Olive Oil. It’s named after the Castile region of Spain where it was originally produced using the same techniques as with Aleppo soap but without the Laurel oil which makes an Aleppo what it is. As laurel oil wasn’t easy to get hold of so far west, soap was just made with the abundant olive oil. A Castile has no other oil than olive – some people market soap with mostly olive oil as Castile but it is actually Bastile, a soap with Continue reading

Moisturising Bars – And Introducing The Admirable Lady

When on holiday in England, visiting the family, my sister gave me a recipe for something that is proving quite popular here in Austria.  It’s a moisturising bar made from Shea and Cocoa butters.  My lady wife was so impressed with it that we decided to also make products aimed not only at gentlemen, but also ladies.  From this moment, The Admirable Lady range was born!  This range will be used for all things made specifically for the fairer sex, who often require different formulations or scent combinations. Continue reading

Second Soap – Pine Tar # 1

Getting back to soaps, but still catching up on soaps made before the blog started, today I want to talk about the second soap that I made on the 14th December 2013 – a nice Pine Tar soap.

This type of soap is one of the reasons why I started this whole thing. It’s a classic recipe, used from the 1800s through to early 1900s. It fell out of fashion somewhat, as many of the things I make have. This was mainly due to the carcinogenic properties of Creosote that often ended up in Pine Tar products. But a good Pine Tar Continue reading