There are many adjectives that can apply to a gentleman, as well as many ways to define what it means to be a gentleman. A gentleman is something that you are. It can come naturally but it should also most certainly be developed. While a gentleman is certainly not to be defined by what he has, it is beyond a doubt that a true gentleman is supported by these things – if a gentleman is to be dependable, he must be able to depend on the things that he has, if he is to be presentable, the things he has should be likewise.

A gentleman is not wasteful.  He is classic in style and habits.  He is never over the top nor is he to be found wanting.

The Efficacious Gentleman was an idea born from this idea – the idea of a range of products that meet the demands of a gentleman in the world today.  A range of products with a distinct purpose rather than mere marketing hype.  Products that do what a gentleman needs them to do, when he needs it. A range of products using classic ideas manufactured to a high standard.  Products that work well and are made quality ingredients.

A range of products that will help any gentleman to be truly efficacious.