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Ninth Soap – Pine Tar # 2

For my ninth soap I decided to revist one of my first soaps again.  It is something I think is worthwhile as I would rather have made a few recipes that I am happy with rather than a lot of recipes that I don’t feel are really quite there yet. Continue reading

Seventh Soap – General Purpose Soap # 2

My very first soap was one that I had hoped would be a soap that could be used for the face, body and hands for people with normal skin – hence the name “General Purpose Soap”.  It will come as no surprise that while the idea was sound, the recipe itself was not!  Making soap is fairly easy.  Making a soap that does exactly what we are looking for is much harder to do.  The General Purpose Soap # 1 was perfectly usable – in fact it was very popular – but I thought that I could do better and wanted to come back and revisit it.

Continue reading

Second Soap – Pine Tar # 1

Getting back to soaps, but still catching up on soaps made before the blog started, today I want to talk about the second soap that I made on the 14th December 2013 – a nice Pine Tar soap.

This type of soap is one of the reasons why I started this whole thing. It’s a classic recipe, used from the 1800s through to early 1900s. It fell out of fashion somewhat, as many of the things I make have. This was mainly due to the carcinogenic properties of Creosote that often ended up in Pine Tar products. But a good Pine Tar Continue reading